Small Coolers

Taking a day or weekend trip with a smaller bunch, or on your own? This range is the perfect companion.


Medium Coolers

The medium range is ideal for a small group of people with a bit of a bigger appetite. Choose which one suits your adventures best.


Large Coolers

Big group, or something larger in mind? Keep it cooler for longer. Explore the range and see which one fits your needs.



In the unlikely event that our cooler box has an issue (outside of warranty) we have multiple parts that can assist.

Featured Products

Uniquely Cool

No matter what the adventure, or how many of your buddies are joining, there should always be one particular Buddy who tags along.

The BuddyCool range is known for having the best cooler boxes in South Africa, with impressive durability, premium performance, and maximum convenience.

Customer Reviews


"Loving my BuddyCool cooler box, I don't go anywhere without it!"


“BuddyCool is by far the most superior solution for our business”